Capture Attention With Breakthrough Customer Touchpoints

Cut through the digital noise and create compelling experiences with customers during key steps in their journey.

ITA Group’s breakthrough touchpoint solution delivers impactful, beyond-digital customer experiences that amplify the value of your products and services, and keep customers highly engaged when it matters most.

Go Beyond Digital Marketing With Customer Touchpoints

Experiential Customer Touchpoints to Enhance Your Omni-Channel Engagement Strategy

Digital communications are at the core of your customer journeys. But sometimes you need to make a bigger impact than digital alone can do. Attention-grabbing, strategically crafted experiences, awards and communications create the powerful brand connection your customers desire.

Retain Customers & Create Advocates

Share a unique experience with your most valuable customers to spur action and create advocates who stick with you long after the purchase. From fun to functional, timely and branded experiences generate excitement about your brand and, most importantly, get customers talking about it.

collage of breakthrough customer touchpoint experiences
collage of wine and steak gifts in branded box

Reach Customers at Key Moments in Their Journey

A wow-worthy, personalized touchpoint makes customers eager to fully engage with your brand during the purchase and throughout their lifecycle. Whether you’re onboarding a new customer or subscriber, or trying to stay top of mind during sales cycles, influence customers wherever they are, at whatever stage of the journey (without adding work to your teams).

Recover From Service or Product Issues

Actions speak louder than words. Send tailored communications to show the customer you care about them and the situation. A brand that takes ownership, is humble and tries to improve or rebuild the relationship turns a potentially negative customer experience into a positive, memorable interaction.

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collage of beauty gifts to reengage customer

Rejuvenate an Existing Customer Loyalty Program

Impactful touchpoints can reinvigorate customers’ participation in your program. Send personalized offers and experiences when your existing loyalty program is losing effectiveness, when you’ve had a gap in service or product, or to keep customers engaged after they unsubscribe or go inactive.

Breakthrough Customer Touchpoint Capabilities

ITA Group’s proprietary approach to designing breakthrough touchpoints, coupled with 60 years of expertise, helps organizations create meaningful customer experiences that reinforces their choice to continuously engage with your brand.


  • Assessment and identification of key moments in customer journey
  • Creation of new, more meaningful touchpoint experiences
  • Creative solutions that fit your specific scenario, crafted for incremental or fixed budgets
  • Data-driven program design for measurable impact


  • Award-winning creative connected to your brand
  • Creative theming, copywriting, design, production, fulfillment and more
  • Experienced collaborators with brand marketing teams and agencies

Touchpoint Fulfillment

  • Customized touchpoints that outperform traditional marketing
  • Custom awards selection appeals to various customer types for milestone achievement, thank you, welcome kit, service recovery, experience-in-a-box and more
  • Global award fulfillment and shipping sent from closest location to customer


  • Award redemption facilitation
  • Creation of microsites or landing pages for one-off promotions, as needed

Program Management

  • Single point of contact for your organization
  • Management of day-to-day aspects of the program


  • Ongoing insights on program effectiveness
  • Data informs decision making for program enhancements
  • Data shared with client systems for easy data analysis and visualization  

“ITA [Group] and [our company] have had an extremely successful working relationship for many years. It is that history of trust, open communication, collaboration and seeking new ways to fulfill our customers’ needs that I depend on when working with you and your team through our new technology and the processes that are being put in place. It is a pleasure to work with you and your team.”

—Fortune 100 Financial Institution Client Relationship Manager

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Reach Your Customers in Unique Ways Throughout the Customer Journey