Foster Stronger Relationships With A Customer Engagement Platform

Engage customers using personalized communications, experiences, events and awards on a customizable platform.

Our platform enables brands and partners to jointly nurture strong customer relationships. A mix of digital and tangible surprise-and-delight touchpoints shows your appreciation, and drives brand loyalty and affinity.

Nurture Customer Relationships Through a Customizable Engagement Platform

A Customized Platform to Achieve Your Customer Needs & Goals

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM or use the platform to collect first- and zero-party customer data, helping you design personalized touchpoints—digital and beyond.  

When you orchestrate memorable touchpoints that positively reinforce customer behaviors, habits, perceptions and commitment, you’ll increase customer value, the likelihood of next purchase and retention. See what we mean:

Coordinated touchpoints icon

Coordinated customer touchpoints with your brand and intermediaries

customer retention icon

Strengthened customer relationships and improved retention

brand affinity icon

Increased customer advocacy and greater brand affinity

first and zero party data collection icon

First- and zero-party data collection

personalized touchpoints icon

Personalized touchpoints

direct engagement icon


Direct engagement with customers who buy through an intermediary

customer engagement metrics

Enhanced brand equity metrics

Inform Program Design With Actionable Data

A better customer understanding starts with brand studies, trade-off techniques, co-creation and customer journey mapping, leading to segmentation based on tiers and audience types.

  • Monitor customer satisfaction ongoing
  • Deliver touchpoints that meet customers’ changing needs and/or your changing objectives
  • Automatically trigger touchpoints based on behaviors and other data triggers
  • Manually align touchpoints between your brand and intermediaries for quick market response
See How We Do It
customer taking satisfaction survey on mobile device
example of client data on desktop computer

Capture First- & Zero-Party Data to Fuel Personalized Customer Interactions

Brands can use incentives and engagement activities through our engagement platform to drive actions between purchases, increase customer retention and create brand advocates.

First-Party Data

Gathered from user interactions like purchase history, clicks, demographics and social data.

Zero-Party Data

Shared with a brand based on customer preference (e.g. how they want to be addressed, how they like to buy, their favorite sports team, etc.).

Integrate With Existing Systems

Our engagement platform integrates with any source system like your enterprise data, marketing automation or customer database infrastructure to ensure the right touchpoint delivers at the right time. The platform can also house all customer data and prompt digital communications and other touchpoints.

customer engagement integration examples
collage of communication touchpoints

Nurture Authentic Relationships

Digital and tangible communication and rewards educate customers, welcome them to your brand and show them ongoing appreciation. Each customer receives a unified message from your brand and your partners through the engagement platform.

  • Program brand and theming ties back to in-market strategies and corporate objectives
  • Creative concepting and storytelling brought to life in UX, design, content, websites, microsites and landing pages
  • Digital, text and print communications based on audience
  • In-house print center, collation and warehousing

Sustain Customer Engagement With Awards

Use the engagement platform for ongoing management of communications and award touchpoints. From big customer concerts to small surprise-and-delight gifting, the options are endless.

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Track Customer Engagement in Real Time

Watch customer engagement increase after every surprise touchpoint and get a better understanding of the program’s measurable impact. Not to mention, all intel is available in a user-friendly dashboard for on-demand reporting and analytics.

Create Personalized Customer Experiences With A Customized Engagement Platform