Reward Purchases With a Customer Loyalty Platform

ITA Group’s customer loyalty solution combines incentives, unique experiences and personalized beyond-digital customer touchpoints in an easy-to-use platform to drive incremental purchases and deeper engagement from your customers.

Plus, our loyalty solution uniquely helps brands and their dealers, agents, advisors or wholesalers jointly communicate with customers for a seamless experience.

Generate Customer Loyalty With Personalized Experiences

Achieve Ideal Outcomes With a Customer Loyalty Platform

Our loyalty platform helps create and reward new purchases to increase the value of each customer to your brand.

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Increase purchase frequency and customer value

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Increase customer loyalty and advocacy for your brand

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Collect first- and zero-party data

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Strengthen customer relationships and increase long-term customer retention

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Elevate awareness using the ideal mix of digital and beyond-digital touchpoints

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Coordinate communication efforts with your intermediaries

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Differentiate across customer segments and deliver personalized experiences

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Increase “next-best action” success

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Track performance and analytics for program optimization

Loyalty Platform Delivers Meaningful Customer Experience

Everything your customers need is right at their fingertips to drive them to purchase more from your brand. With a comprehensive technology platform, they can view key activities and progress, and connect with your brand for an engaging, personalized experience.

Our flexible loyalty program technology drives increased customer purchases through:

  • Program strategies that leverage actionable data
  • Personalized incentives, awards and touchpoints
  • Gamification and badging
  • Collection and enhancement of first- and zero-party customer data
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No Stress for IT: Seamless Integration Into Existing MarTech Stack

Our loyalty platform integrates with any source system for purchase data from your enterprise, as well as your marketing automation and customer database infrastructure. The platform can also serve as the source for all customer loyalty data and trigger digital communications and other touchpoints. Everything can be coordinated with intermediaries for the brand, like dealers, stores, agents, etc.

Your Brand & Partners Jointly Orchestrate the Customer Journey

Gone are the days of only allowing a brand to communicate with customers in the loyalty program. ITA Group’s loyalty solution is the first to help brands and intermediaries work together to target and communicate with customers versus operating in siloes.

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Awards Add Value Beyond Discounts & Digital Touchpoints

Many loyalty programs use discounts on future purchases to create value to customers. With our platform, customers accrue benefits with your brand and redeem them for memorable experiences like travel, events, and sought-after gifts and merchandise. Digital and beyond-digital touchpoints communicate the motivating awards to customers, creating a stronger connection to your brand that discounts and digital communications alone could not.

You’ll partner with ITA Group to carefully select the right combination of compelling customer experiences.

  • Curated merchandise catalog
  • Status awards and benefits
  • Charitable giving and donation options
  • Program-branded merchandise
  • Local experiences
  • Individual and custom travel
  • Pre-paid cards

Data Visualization Shows Measurable Results

Real-time reporting and actionable analytics are always available in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. The insights enable your brand to identify the next-best-offer to move your customer to take the next-best-action, wherever they are in the customer journey.


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Influence Customers to Increase Spend & Purchase Frequency