30 Unique Ways to Celebrate Employee Wellbeing Month

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ITA Group

June is Employee Wellbeing Month! At a time when more than half of Americans say the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health, employees need (and increasingly demand) additional support from their employers.

To truly build a more resilient workforce in 2021 and beyond, employers should prioritize wellbeing, which is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. Wellbeing can be achieved when our mind, body and sense of purpose lead us to feel positive about ourselves and satisfied with our lives both personally and professionally.

Prioritize Holistic Wellbeing

When employees feel cared for, organizations benefit from improved productivity and increased engagement, which creates better business performance. But wellbeing is about more than just physical health: research has shown the critical importance of holistic wellbeing compared with physical wellness alone in elevating key health, community and business outcomes. With work-life balance challenges more prevalent than ever, make sure you’re embracing Employee Wellbeing Month by appreciating the whole employee, 24/7.

To get you jump-started, here’s a calendar of ideas for June 2021 that will help you support emotional, physical and professional wellbeing of yourself and your peers—see how many ways you can celebrate Employee Wellbeing Month this year:

Download a printable version of our calendar here.

calendar of ideas to celebrate Employee Wellbeing Month

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