ITA Group Creative Team Wins 19 MarCom Awards

award winning communications campaign

West Des Moines, Iowa—The creative team of ITA Group, Communication Solutions Group, is batting a thousand after this year’s MarCom Awards competition.

We submitted 19 entries for the 2018 MarCom Awards competition and had all of them achieve winner status.

The MarCom Awards—an international competition that recognizes top-tier achievement in the fields of concept, writing and design of print, video, audio and web materials—yields more than 6,000 entries per year from individuals, media conglomerates and Fortune 50 companies.

These awards, given out by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), honor excellence and creativity in marketing and communication. Entries are judged based on quality, creativity and resourcefulness.

ITA Group expands upon 50+ years of experience to help clients inspire and motivate their team members through creative communications, according to Maura McCarthy, Vice President of Communication Solutions at ITA Group.

“To have every submission be a winner is indicative of the high level of creativity across all of our communication teams,” McCarthy said. “Where our team shines is in our ability to work with clients to better understand their audience and their behaviors to deliver clear, consistent and compelling campaigns that drive bottom-line results. We strive to reach new heights and, by being true storytellers and capturing attention, continue to deliver creative and impactful campaigns that win the hearts and minds of audiences for our clients.”

About ITA Group

ITA Group creates and manages end-to-end engagement solutions that align, motivate and emotionally connect employees, channel partners and customers with your brand. Headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, ITA Group has operations in every region of the United States.