At Your Service. Day In and Day Out.

You expect the best out of your investment. So do we. As an advocate for you and your business, we’ll designate a point-person with a wealth of experience and expertise to make your life easier. Someone to manage the many moving parts and make sure they’re working in harmony. Someone to keep you informed along the way (we’re all about transparency) and take care of you. So you can focus elsewhere and rest easy knowing results are on the way. Guaranteed.

A Partnership You Can Count On

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dream team

This was a dream team! ITA Group made every one of our people shine and worked hard behind the scenes to create a seamless experience. When a problem arose, they restated the issues and offered a solution—there was never a situation without a solution.
—Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

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our go-to partner

I have worked with ITA Group since 2008 in many different capacities. I value their partnership—they truly are an extension of our team. I am always able to come to them with challenges and we are able to manage through. ITA Group is our go-to company for events!
—Director of Worldwide Events, Technology Security Company

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customer-centric values

I have experienced exceptional commitment to customer-centric values from ITA Group. They serve as an extension of my business and think beyond current challenges to create an optimal path forward. Our success is due to the focus and dedication that ITA Group provides.
—Sr. Manager, Scientific Practice Organization

Your Very Own Cheerleader-Meets-Superhero Sidekick

jill lilienthal

Jill has impressed me since day one and continues to amaze me with her energy, commitment, organization, emotional intelligence, kindness, creativity, accountability and balance. I have learned from her example and believe our work together has helped both our companies grow.

—Defense Contractor Client

jen easter

Jen is just the best! She is professional and knowledgeable of my program and the qualifiers. Our trip was seriously amazing!

—Security Software Client

david abers

David continues to meet and exceed our needs in ways that only he can do. I am honored to work with him—he is so creative and thoughtful and knows exactly what we want.

—Global Hygiene & Energy Technology Client

christy hackman

Christy and team serve as an extension of my business and often think beyond what is currently top of mind to foresee pitfalls and create an optimal path forward.

—Pharmaceutical Industry Client

tim wessling

We are very blessed to have Tim on our team for the program and anything else related to ITA Group. He is terrific to work with and very dedicated to making sure things run the way they are supposed to.

—Global Retail Company Client

maggie mcclelland

Maggie is fantastic when it comes to coordinating logistics and sourcing everything needed to create a special event. She has an eye for detail, which helps our event run smoothly—I was beyond satisfied with my ITA Group team!

—Pharmaceutical Industry Client

jess nickell

Jess has been amazing and I can't say enough about our working relationship. She is approachable, patient and has worked hard to understand our complexities and our business.

—Office Furniture Design Industry Client

english fiscus

English is always a phone call away and willing to do whatever she can to make our program better. I truly appreciate our partnership, and her continued dedication to customer service.

—Automotive Industry Client

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