An Employee Recognition Program Benefitting Employees & Leaders

When a major defense contractor was administering an employee recognition program that lacked a connection to its own corporate values and forced participants to manually issue awards—a costly administrative challenge—it knew it needed a new partner. To transform their results, ITA Group overhauled the approach, aligning employees around corporate values, re-inspiring performance and reducing administration in the process.


Improving employee engagement is no easy task. You can’t just flip a switch to align your team toward a common goal. It takes careful planning, the right messaging and the perfect incentive to keep them moving. To help our client align their employees around company core values and automate their recognition program, we called upon our 50-plus years of experience to guide them to success.

Rolling Out Recognition That Actually Mattered

Calibrating recognition with core organizational values needed to work for employees and administrators. It needed a centralized, user-centric platform that would hype the new brand and broadcast the message among employees, all while automating recognition and reducing administration for leaders.

Putting the Power in Employees’ Hands

Branded e-cards within the technology platform gave employees an all-new ability to recognize and reward each other for embracing core corporate values.

An Overhauled User Experience Punctuated by Compelling Awards

Not only did manual issuance become a thing of the past, the diversity and depth of award selection was significantly enhanced with ITA Group’s awards catalog.