Consolidated Recognition Solution Connects Thousands of Employees Across the Globe

How bringing an employee engagement and recognition program under a single brand and platform broke down silos and led to a better employee experience.


A global defense contractor’s employee engagement and recognition program wasn’t working. It had no connection to the company’s values, programs were siloed by business unit and administrators were bogged down with manual processes. To meaningfully connect and engage their people, they needed a big change.

Centralizing Recognition & Connecting Employees to Values Was the First Step

To make this transformation happen, our client turned to ITA Group. Customization and automation were the keys to success, since they allowed for flexibility by business unit and geography while simultaneously reinforcing consistent values and shared purpose for more than 60,000 employees around the globe.

In support of this need, corporate values were built into the earning structure by allowing employees to reward each other for behaviors aligned with those values. Then, a secure platform centralized all facets of the program, shrinking administrative lift and breaking down business unit silos but also offering the autonomy needed for each user group’s flow of work. With all the data in one place, our client could now easily use the real-time online dashboard and reporting features to track progress and engagement.

Sustained Engagement Strategies Ensure Continued Global Success

Thanks to a revamped strategy that includes segmented communications to increase program visibility, a consolidated recognition platform that streamlined processes and locally-sourced, culturally-relevant award experiences, the program saw immediate success that continues today. 

“We turned this program on for the world. It’s not just one program. We shut down 12–14 IT tools, six to seven vendors and moved our three biggest programs onto one platform.” 

Year-Over-Year Engagement Leads to Ongoing Growth

Several years into our partnership, the program continues to show increased recognition activity as well as bottom-line impact, including improved retention rates among new hires active in the program. Using data-based insights, we’re able to continue discussions about maximizing the program’s impact. These strategic recognition and reward ideas are helping align and unite our client’s employees across the globe as the company continues to evolve.