Consolidating Event Gifting Enhances a Financial Institution’s Meeting Experiences

Better award offerings, seamless execution and transparent pricing lead to happier attendees.


A large financial services institution was using numerous vendors for on-site gifting at events, leading to a lack of insight into total spend and an inefficient gifting process. What’s more, vendors’ award strategies were stagnant. To fix these issues, the organization knew it needed to consolidate its event gifting to one vendor—one with flawless execution and transparent pricing.

Financial Transparency Results in an Improved Attendee Experience

After seeing how ITA Group executed programs throughout their organization, they turned to us to elevate event gifting across all their meetings. To help them gain efficiencies and see exact costs, we highlighted the cost savings of strategic sourcing and event gifting management within our pricing model.

Once the organization saw the clear financial picture, enhanced award strategies came next. An event gifting look book highlighted premium brands like JBL, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade and Tiffany & Co. This gave the organization a wide range of options so they could choose the right gifts for their events.

Continued Efficiencies Lead to Continued Growth

The organization held nine events in the first year after consolidating vendors and partnering with ITA Group for all their event gifting needs. In those events, they saw  increased buying power, decreased administration and unique gifting ideas that led to greater redemption and participant satisfaction. This created a more positive view of the organization as a whole. As we continue to work together, we’re finding new ways to enhance the event experience and motivate attendees to return to these meetings year after year.