How an Incentive Ignited Momentum in One Financier’s Dealer Channel

Three years of flat loan volume had one Fortune 500 financial institution seeking a partner to help change the trajectory of its business among F&I Managers at auto, RV and marine dealerships. Heavy dependence on top-performing dealers and stale cash-for-contract incentives weren’t working, and they looked to ITA Group for new, innovative strategies to drive loan volume. The result? A 254% ROI.


Giving Dealers a Reason to Engage

Fighting for dealers’ attention meant an edgy approach to communication. An award-winning, segmented campaign driven by on-target strategy compelled dealers to engage, then motivated them to increase loan production, ultimately leading to billions in increased loan volume.

Flexibility at the Forefront

Audience segmentation was key, and a user-centric technology solution accommodated varied messaging, goals and metrics for three different segmented audiences earning at three different levels. And, it was built using scalable design that allowed for future growth. 

A Unique, Personalized Awards Experience

The award strategy featured an online redemption mirroring a retail experience. Beyond brand-name merchandise, the selection featured a catalog customized for dealer tiers and access to custom travel awards, charitable giving and college tuition reimbursement, and personal-shopper service.