Generating Enthusiasm for Revamped Channel Incentive Program

Sales Growth, Engagement & Partner Loyalty Increases With New Manufacturing Program


A top manufacturer had been running a channel partner incentive program for many years. As competitors began releasing similar offerings, gaining and building loyalty with dealers was increasingly critical, and the company knew they had to step outside the box to infuse new excitement in the well-established program.

Reinvention Was Necessary

This Fortune 500 manufacturer looked to ITA Group for a new beginning, which started with an assessment phase to help clarify the current situation. The partnership started with data analysis and modeling, competitive intelligence collection, and participant interviews to pinpoint exactly what was—and was not—working for the existing manufacturer’s channel partner incentive. Our findings led to an overhaul of the current program to create a robust, user-friendly and flexible platform featuring multiple ways to earn. 

Launching a personalized channel partner program cared for every stage of a dealer’s relationship with the manufacturer. With our guidance, the company was able to transition their original incentive platform and strategy into a refreshed, industry-leading incentive program, complete with new branding.

Creative Incentive Program Branding & Personalization Make a Big Impact

This channel incentive program was designed to inject some much-needed enthusiasm and competition into the manufacturer’s independent dealer channel. To build on that excitement, a comprehensive launch campaign with ongoing communications enveloped participants in the program and kept it top-of-mind. 

Messages were honed to specific segments to infuse deeper engagement. Personalized emails and dashboards informed participants on their individual progress and drove momentum by showcasing their reward potential as they advanced through the program.

Incentive Participants Could Now Earn in Multiple Ways

  • Sales
  • Status level loyalty tiers with associated recognition awards
  • End-of-year growth bonus awards
  • Custom promotions with tangible awards

Future Growth Includes Channel Partner Training

Within the first year of the channel incentive program restructure, this Fortune 500 manufacturer saw a significant increase in sales and began thinking about new ways to capitalize on the program. They looked to us for strategic ways to expand the pay-for-performance concept outside of year-end growth awards. To further expand the program’s effectiveness in the future, we will integrate with their LMS to gather data on how training and sales performance correlate. With this information, the manufacturer will have invaluable new insights on what drives their independent dealer channel.

Success by the Numbers