Delivering a Clear, Unified Message With an Immersive Employee Event

ITA Group’s 3-day sales conference, punctuated by a corporate-wide business meeting and evening event, is an annual event designed to unify and inspire. To educate and engage. And ultimately, to connect team members with specific business objectives for the year ahead.  


Keeping Attendees Connected

An interactive registration site was attendees’ first in-depth introduction to the event. Together with a mobile app, ongoing communication touchpoints and a strong social media presence, it kept attendees connected with up-to-the-minute event details and strategically promoted unique on-site experiences.

Putting the Brand in Attendees’ Hands

And at their feet, on their minds, and right in front of their very eyes. From branded, customizable notebooks to floor clings to standing banners to an interactive “Where’s Einstein?” scavenger hunt, attendees were able to get hands-on with the brand at every turn.   

Sales Meeting by Day, Experiential Employee Event by Night

On the last evening, all ITA Group employees attended a corporate meeting, but it was far from boring! From dynamic entertainment to light bracelets timed to music to first-class food and experiential activities, we pulled out all the stops when it came to immersing attendees in our brand and messaging.