Winning Critical Moments In the Customer Journey

Going Beyond Digital-Only Marketing to Create Real Customer Value

A leading financial and banking institution drove engagement numbers through the roof and ramped up brand loyalty by impacting the buyer's journey through meaningful communications.

Consumer mindshare is fleeting at the best of times and even harder to earn during a complex purchase, such as buying a car or home. The time and effort consumers devote to researching, narrowing down and deciding where to make a purchase can take weeks, if not months.

Unique Solutions Create Brand Advocates

The organization reached out to ITA Group to help plan and execute a program focused on their consumers in a highly competitive environment. They wanted to ensure their product was chosen, but they also wanted to show appreciation and foster loyalty for future purchases.

There was no easy solution with so many touchpoints consumers went through to make a final decision. This program could have easily turned into a budget-blowing monstrosity if they tried to touch them all. ITA Group helped the organization focus and prioritize the must-win moments along the buyer's journey where the greatest value and positive impact could be gained.

Orchestrating the Buyer's Journey to Inspire Loyalty

To create purposeful engagements that benefited the organization and their customers, we built a solution that impacted four critical moments during the buyer's journey:

infographic of customer loyalty buyers journey


To create preference for the brand, we sent customers an award they perceive as having high value to motivate them to choose the brand over others.


After the customer chooses the client, we build an emotional connection by tying their behavior with the reward. Communications are sent within 24 hours of purchase reminding them to redeem their offer.


To nurture existing customers, educational emails are sent after the purchase to remind them of the value and guidance they’re receiving from the brand. These timely communications have led to high engagement.


Our word-of-mouth-worthy curated gift options remind customers of the brand every time they use the award, delivering ongoing brand impressions. These personalized gift options ensure conversations were started with friends, family and coworkers about how they received the award.

“[W]e used the gift to redeem for a set of Bob Mackie luggage. I purposely selected the color to stand out at the airport and use the luggage every time we travel. I think fondly of [client] every time we experience a new destination—whether for family vacations or a couples getaway.”
—Program Participant

Providing Motivation & Value to Expand Success

Unlike programs that focus on trendy apps and discounts, the organization differentiates themselves from competitors and gains market share by providing measurable worth to their customers. How? By including high-value impact centered on memorable moments. The organization raised the bar and continues to set themselves apart.