Out of the Way, Logistics! Recognize Top Performance Simply, Globally.

Andrea Ruddy
Andrea Ruddy


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Logistics. The necessary evil of global award fulfillment. Unfortunately, logistics often stand in the way of you recognizing and rewarding your top performers around the world. Saying “great work” just shouldn’t be this hard. I guess that’s why I’m so proud of my company for making it easier.

Carrier Management 

I can tell you…not all postal services are created equal. In certain markets, having the right components of an address makes all the difference. Infrastructure, or lack thereof, takes center stage when thinking about moving products around a country. In developing countries, streets are small and nameless—possibly broken into sections. Don’t forget the Territory or Provence in addition to zip codes. Stop the madness! ITA Group’s global catalog is integrated with a cloud-based global address verification service, putting the right awards in the right hands. 

Duties & Taxes

Nothing chokes the motivation of global awards like big duties/tax bills. Knowing all the elements making up award price, including import taxes/duties, is a heavy endeavor. Our award solution includes all costs in one point value. No surprises or COD charges. 

Understanding Customs 

Are you comfortable with customs rules? Unfortunately, you have to do some digging to even know them before you can follow them. Who has time? Our localized award fulfillment method takes the guesswork out of dealing with customs. We’ve already done the research to comply.

Product Limitations

Did you know you have to be licensed to sell certain types of merchandise—leather in India, clocks in China? Who knew? In certain countries, seemingly random items are forbidden. That’s why localized distribution is so important. Our partners around the world help keep awards culturally relevant and universally accepted.

Because We Care

There are no borders when it comes to great customer service. The award “experience” doesn’t end when an award is dropped on a doorstep. We provide around-the-clock email support for questions and concerns. We also keep a tight grip on our service agreements with global suppliers, making sure we do business with only the best.  

More and more clients are managing employees and channel partners on a global scale. That’s why it’s so important to get global recognition right. The right award fulfillment partner makes a world of difference. Literally.

Andrea Ruddy

Andrea Ruddy

Andrea, a Business Development Manager at ITA Group, has been inspiring authentic, lasting emotional connections that drive engagement and improve performance for almost 20 years. As a high school varsity volleyball coach, motivation is her game.