Transform Your Employee Programs into Results-Driven Programs

ITA Group
ITA Group

Today, human capital management (HCM) is more complex than ever.

To find out how you can revamp your employee programs to get the most out of your people, tune in to Transform Your Employee Programs into Results-Driven Programs, an on-demand webinar from ITA Group and WorldatWork.

The globalization and digitalization of our society have forced businesses to quickly evolve to meet diverse demands.

Human resources isn’t just about managing people anymore. It’s about marketing, behavioral economics, brand management and much more.

87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges.
Deloitte University Press

Learn how to go beyond recruiting and onboarding as it relates to Human Capital Management in this insight-driven webinar. Find out how a holistic, personalized approach to long-term employee wellbeing can move the needle for you.

This webinar will deliver actionable takeaways focused on the whole employee that are designed to help you gain strong executive buy-in for employee initiatives and programs, secure a more influential seat at the corporate strategy table and ultimately position HR as a stronger strategic player in your organization.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to:

  • Skillfully manage the complexity of HCM
  • Prepare for mergers, acquisitions and other disruptions
  • Engage with an increasingly diverse workforce
  • Gain executive buy-in for employee programs
  • Execute a five-step approach to transforming your organization

HCM 2.0: Transform Your Employee Programs into Results-Driven Programs