Motivate Customers Throughout Their Journey With Cutting-Edge Customer Solutions

ITA Group partners with brands to foster deeper customer relationships at the moment customers begin researching, once they get to the counter (or online cart) to buy and in between purchases.

Our customer solutions reach them throughout their buying lifecycle by combining personalized experiences, awards and tangible communications with traditional digital marketing. The combination energizes customers to do what you want (and need) them to do with your brand.

Build Stronger Relationships at Every Point in the Customer Journey

84% of companies that improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue.


Client Stories

See How These Leading Brands Impressed Customers With Unexpected Value

Next-Level Strategy Takes Customer Incentive From Simple Fulfillment to True Engagement

How a global media/technology corporation stepped up their game to motivate their customers to action.

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Winning Critical Moments In the Customer Journey

Going Beyond Digital-Only Marketing to Create Real Customer Value

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A Breakthrough Touchpoint Restores Customer Relationships

How an unexpected gift and timely communications created a positive brand experience during a critical moment in the customer journey.

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“ITA Group came with great ideas for the program and upgrades that improved the program experience for our customers. I value their expertise, ideas and attention to detail.”

—Brand Manager, Leading Manufacturing Organization