Improve & Personalize the Employee Recognition Experience

When you’re recognized for a job well done, there’s no better feeling. You grin from ear to ear. Have a pep in your step. And most of all, you feel seen. Valued. Rewarded.

Give that same feeling to your employees, no matter where they are, by personalizing the way they’re recognized.

A tailored experience boosts employees’ morale, keeps them around for longer and gives them an increased sense of purpose. Talk about impactful.

Show Your Employees They’re Valued With Personalized Recognition.

Recognize Anybody, Anywhere

No matter where your people work or what jobs they do, you can show genuine appreciation and celebrate their achievements. Using segmentation strategy, ITA Group crafts the right online or offline recognition solution. The messaging rallies employees around your values and vision, and reinforces their individual sense of purpose.

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Create a Simple & Effective User Experience

One recognition platform. Countless options to convey your appreciation. Wherever your online employees are, consolidated recognition programs are accessible from any device. The back-end integrates with systems when and how you need it, without sacrificing security.


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Personalize Recognition Experiences With Employee Intel

Let your people inform the strategy for when and how to recognize by collecting their feedback and using segmentation to support employees’ motivations, behaviors and interests.

  • Employee profiling and journey mapping
  • Employee surveys and focus groups
  • Recognition strategy consultation

Improve Recognition Impact

Give leaders and employees tools to help make recognition more timely, relevant and meaningful. Leaders get nudges on when and how to recognize. Employees see the power that comes with recognizing each other’s big moments and sending small tokens of thanks. It’s a win all around.

  • Leader enablement
  • Employee training
  • Segmented messaging
  • Personalized data analytics
  • Proactive, automated nudges

By enabling their people, we helped one retailer send a recognition every 32 seconds. What could optimizing your recognition program look like?

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“Our program isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s truly becoming a part of how we work. I hear a lot more people wanting to give that discretionary effort because they feel like they’re recognized in a meaningful way. I truly believe that without our program, our leaders wouldn’t be as comfortable recognizing people as they are.”

—HR Leader, Current Client

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Celebrate With Unique Awards

Thousands of options tailored to fit your employees’ preferences remind them of their accomplishments and your appreciation of their efforts.

  • 8,000+ award options
  • Locally sourced and culturally relevant
  • Merchandise, gift cards, experiences and symbolic items, including company-branded items, pins and plaques

Analyze & Optimize Your Investment in Your People

Continuous insights and in-depth program reviews highlight how employee recognition benefits your organization and how to enhance the way you show employees’ appreciation, ensuring a strong ROI.

  • Real-time performance dashboards
  • Solution KPI and ROI measurement (retention, eNPS, NPS, financial growth and more)
  • Improvement recommendations
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Significant Client Results From Employee Recognition Programs 


saved from improved retention

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higher retention rate for recognized new hires than their unrecognized peers


increase in employees feeling motivated to do their best work

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Calculate Your Potential Turnover Savings Today

When employees believe they’re appreciated and valued, they’re much less likely to leave. What could keeping employees save you?


Engage & Retain Talent By Boosting Your Employee Recognition Experience.