Create a Can’t-Miss Event Experience Using Attendee Insights

Your event looked different in 2021, so how should it look in 2022 and beyond? Anticipation is high and everyone—attendees, event marketers and us!—is eager to experience a marketing event like never before.

So, how do you refresh your event in this new world of expectations?

Take the guesswork out of decision making with a data-savvy event marketing company. One who will analyze your mountain of event data so you can invest for the highest engagement, create personalized attendee journeys, and deliver a seamless live, virtual or hybrid event experience.

Get the Right Event Strategy Today

Event Marketing Challenges Expertly Addressed

“My budget isn’t changing so how can I enhance the experience?”

Invest in the Right Places for the Best Experience

Talented experience designers turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. All while making the most of your budget with the help of custom reporting dashboards that show where to invest for the biggest attendee impact.

“Our event has always been successful, but how can I avoid getting stuck in a “rinse and repeat” pattern?”

Design With Intention

It’s all about understanding your unique audiences’ wants and needs. Analyzing event intel, sales data and audience demographics informs the event marketing strategy. From there, we design an event that engages the right people to grow your business.

“How effective is event marketing? What are good event marketing goals?”

Measure Event Success With Custom Goals & Analytics

Every marketing event is unique, which means goals and success measures are, too. We identify goals first, then monitor audience engagement, demographics and satisfaction to measure what’s working, what’s not and where to try something new.

“What is the role of event management companies?”

Seamlessly Operate With An Expert Partner

As a tenured event management company, we care for all the little details and the large-impact moments so you don’t have to. Experienced producers ensure the event exceeds attendee expectations and sustains your brand’s reputation.

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Event Marketing Services That Create Ultimate Engagement

This is the backbone of what we do. Guided by data and expertise, you can feel confident knowing the right services are in place to design the best attendee experience and meet your unique objectives.

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“Your team is phenomenal. I would do this again any day of the week and twice on Sunday. If your team is your brand, then you have an amazing brand.”

—Christina Ortega, Sr. Manager, Sales and Technical Enablement, Conga