Channel Sales Claims Processing & Management With 100% Verification & Up to 75% Lower Costs

Simple on the front end. Comprehensive on the back end.

Compared to traditional claims processing, a fully managed AI claims processing and management solution is easier for participants and less work for admins. It’s a win-win. Plus, our industry-leading scanning and validation capabilities reduce up to 75% of claims-processing costs.

See How Simplified AI Claims Processing & Management Can Help You

Paired With Full Support on the Back End, You'll Get a Solution To Help:

  • Take in submissions
  • Process and validate claims
  • Administer payments and awards
  • Communicate the program and standings
  • Field customer service inquiries
  • Continually optimize promotions
Channel Partner Claims Management Website on Laptop

Claims Processing & Management Tailored to Your Channel

Effortless Submission Experience

Increase participation and lower complaints in your claims programs by getting rid of forms in favor of a simple photo submission or direct feed from distributors and wholesalers.

Cost-Efficient Claims Management

Significantly lower your claims program administration costs by shifting from software and human-driven programs to automation paired with AI and Machine Learning. Submissions will capture all the data on receipts and invoices (with no added charges by inputs or line items) and up to 100% can be validated based on your business requirements.

Validation & Risk Mitigation Customized to You

Avoid overpayments and fraud attempts by validating 100% of your submissions (affordably) through AI-driven data capture, duplicate checking across submission types, and leveraging human interventions only for things our machine flags as questionable based on your customized business rules.

Ongoing Data Analysis & Promotion Optimization Suggestions

Put the data you are paying for to better use. Our analysts will help you learn more about your customers; segment and target your channel for more optimized promotions (by geography, seasonality, product lines, etc.) and have peace of mind knowing that someone is always looking at it.

Maximize Data Capture with Optimal Submission Methods & Integrations

Step into the future by accepting receipt and invoice data from anywhere. To help you get the most data possible, we can accept:

  • Photo uploads
  • Manual submissions (mailed)
  • Bulk uploads
  • Integrations to your distributors, wholesalers, ecommerce tools, and ERP or product management systems

Consolidate Vendors & Remove Administrative Burdens

Lower your administrative burdens by trusting our day-to-day management and consolidating with our in-house:

  • Claims management (submission, validation, processing)
  • Claims reward fulfillment (cash, gift cards, points, merchandise, travel)
  • Claims portal and engagement platform
  • Program communication
  • Data analysis
  • Customer service

Our claims processing platform can reduce manual validation by 50–80%.

One Submission Captures All Your Data

Image-only uploads makes the claim process more efficient and faster.

image of simplified form submission process

Capture, Extract & Validate Data With Ease

Our simple claims submission process can be used alongside any incentive and engagement platform. Here’s how it works:

flowchart of channel partner claims processing

Download Our Claims Processing & Management Overview

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