Improve Existing Channel Programs Using Channel Data & Partner Insights

Our channel data and partner insights team answers your most pressing questions and makes recommendations on improving performance. With the right tools and analysis applied to each situation, you can prove program worth, generate business growth and make confident decisions on where to act.

Transform Your Data Into Useful Insights & Actions

Practice Areas & Insights Address Your Needs

Incentive Design

You’ll get actionable recommendations on how to better structure incentives and promotions for positive results. Our channel experts dive into historical sales data and partner profiles to find the best segmentation and rule structures for your unique channel.

See It In Action: A leading manufacturer needed to overcome two challenges: reaching an audience spread across nearly 900 dealerships nationwide; and justifying the existing incentive investment. ITA Group data experts analyzed program history, audience details and existing structures. The analysis led to recommending new segmentation and program design, promotions, and stretch goals. Learn More >

Voice of the Partner

Learn how your channel feels about your program and what matters most to them. Continual pulse checks gather insights on competitors, wallet share, motivation tactics, support, marketing materials and more. Through expert insights and behavioral analysis, you’ll get a consistent and actionable voice of the partner practice that lends itself to program improvement recommendations.

See It In Action: We helped an automotive parts distributor gain significant insights into their store performance. After analyzing purchasing behavior and standards program participation. With a focus on store profile versus store sales, we could better target owners with standards and incentive initiatives. Learn More >

Modeling & Forecasting

No more guesswork. Sophisticated modeling and forecasting show exactly how promotions, SPIFFs and incentives perform. Our channel data analysts run your historical performance data through thousands of iterative scenarios to accurately predict performance curves. The result leads to an optimal rules structure balancing budgeted dollars to maximum engagement.


Advanced segmentation shows who (and how) to motivate partners. Industry-specialized analysts review your data and additional third-party data, and understand your goals to identify key segments. From there, they share behavioral design suggestions on how to motivate each group and stay ahead of your growing channel ecosystem.

ROI Analysis

ROI analysis uses your raw data to prove the impact your channel programs, incentives and enablement efforts are having on your corporate objectives.


Ideal Partner Profiles

We dig deep into top-performer attributes to identify characteristics and behaviors that help drive their success. The findings help replicate your best partners with ideal partner profiles, scorecards and personas.

Data Assessments

Always know the status of your program’s success! Data and measurement assessments identify appropriate channel program KPIs to measure against your current baseline performance. We continually measure progress, identifying areas of success or improvement.

A leading automotive manufacturer struggled to connect all the data from disparate sources. Through a data assessment, ITA Group found the bottom 57% of customers only made up 8% of the client’s revenue. The 57% also tended to be new customers who’d have revenue booms then trickle off.

Our internal data team crafted a functional model (using unbiased random samples of customer data). The client could tweak the parameters and produce a new ROI every time based on their investments. The incentive program improvements resulted in higher conversion rate of customers into repeat buyers. Learn More >

Visualization & Dashboards

Convert data and metrics into useful action using data visualization, dashboards and advanced analysis like machine-learning and AI. We interpret the data to help you make confident program decisions.

See Program Data in Simple, Easy Visualizations

“This dashboard has proved helpful…to see our numbers graphed out and to see data EASIER than if I were to pull a report myself. All the filters I use and apply to these dashboards helps me get specific data much quicker than any other process.”

—Operations Manager

“Seeing our data analyzed to this degree shed light on things we never would have spotted before.”

—Strategy Manager

“Having sound and robust analytics enabled us to manage by fact and establish KPIs that we know drive ROI.”

—Program Specialist

example of channel program data dashboard

Channel Intelligence Is Driven by Four Foundational Areas

We bring in-depth analysis to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with your program and how it can be improved.

Performance Improvement

Fine-tune program performance and innovate based on evidence

Real-Time KPIs

Unify data and share it with the right people to drive real change, prove performance and meet goals

Predictive Insights

Look forward using data, modeling and machine learning to forecast the impact of decisions made today

Specialized Analysts

Data connoisseurs who specialize in channel, incentives and partner data transform intel to spot new growth opportunities

Optimize Your Channel Investments With the Right Data