An Elite Event Recognizes Employees for Outstanding Service

How celebrating top performers creates emotional connections and reinforces the importance of customer experience.

“I felt so recognized and excited after the conference. My guest and I were able to interact with senior and executive level managers throughout the conference.”

—Event Attendee


A large financial institution regularly celebrated its top sales professionals, but they didn’t have an effective way to recognize employees in customer support functions. Knowing these employees also played a vital role at the company, the organization looked to reward them in a way that reinforced positive behaviors while enhancing employee alignment and connection to their employer.

An Exclusive Experience Was the Answer

Employees earned their way to the recognition event by being nominated for outstanding performance. To make the event a prestigious experience where attendees want to return each year, the destinations change but consistently offer a sunny escape along with high-end accommodations, entertainment, dining options, event gifting and activities. In addition, winning employees interact with executives and hear about company initiatives for the coming year, reaffirming  their value to the company.

“A great experience overall. While we were there, our leaders definitely made sure to show they appreciated us and our efforts, which is mutual. It was also a great opportunity for us to meet the other groups and individuals we work with nationally.”

—Event Attendee

Employer Brand Sees Positive Impact

For 20+ years, over 1,200 participants each year have enjoyed this recognition-centric event that leaves them raving about their experiences. This strengthens their loyalty to the organization and motivates them to achieve continued long-term success—and that leads to better customer service. What’s more, employees bring a guest to this celebratory event, broadly boosting emotional connection to the brand.