Personalized Channel Partner Solutions Drive Loyalty, Revenue & Service

The best channel incentive programs identify and replicate their best partners. That’s even more important today as buyer behaviors and preferences, and the forecasted growth of ecosystem partners, are transforming how partners go to market and how customers buy.

So, how do you improve channel partner engagement?

Partner with a channel incentive company to provide relevant solutions for all roles that reward for both sales and non-sales behaviors. Using data and cross-industry expertise, personalized channel partner programs help you achieve gains in engagement, sales, support and the customer experience.

Get Started With Channel Partner Engagement Strategies

Channel Partner Services for Increasing Engagement

As a channel incentive company, ITA Group designs research-based partner incentive programs using these services. They’re an essential part of any channel partner strategy to achieve your specific outcomes like recruitment and enablement or program evolution.

Client Stories

See How Leading Brands Improved Engagement, Sales & Customer Experiences

Segmented Incentives & Multi-Audience Technology Drives Agent Sales

How a Fortune 100 insurance company increased independent agent sold policies by infusing sales and non-sales incentives.

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Generating Enthusiasm for Revamped Channel Incentive Program

Sales Growth, Engagement & Partner Loyalty Increases With New Manufacturing Program

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Creating Customer Loyalty & Growing Market Share From the Middle of the Channel

How one building supply wholesaler proved you don’t have to be at the top of the channel to see impressive results.

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Growing Sales & Market Share With a Targeted Customer Loyalty Program

How one expertly designed program in the crowded building supply industry has leaned into expert incentive strategy, execution and tactics to drive year-over-year profits for more than a decade.

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“What I liked about ITA Group from the beginning was they took the time to learn everything they could. They would ask questions, listen and come back with possible solutions quickly. They listen very well! They are very proactive!”

—Current Client

Channel Incentive Program Challenges Expertly Addressed

“My program has been the same for years. How can I stay relevant?”

Evolve With Data-Driven Channel Partner Strategies

Using data you already have on hand (and additional sourced data), you’ll be armed with strategic recommendations and research insights to stay ahead of the changing partner types, evolving go-to-market strategies and increasing role-types inside indirect businesses.

channel partner strategy graphic
Channel partner journey map

“How can we make our brand and program top of mind with the channel?”

Become the Preferred Vendor With Enablement & Training Journeys

Strategic consultation and research on your competitors and the customer journey will ensure you know exactly what to provide as training and skills development in your enablement tracks.

“I want to know how my program is doing and need to show value to my executives. What do I do?”

Prove Program Impact With ROI Measurement

We’ll provide answers, insights, and recommendations by using the right combination of expert-guided predictive modeling, data visualization, partner personas, scorecards and incentive optimization. You’ll ensure your program’s working for not only your bottom line, but also your executives, channel partners and customers.

channel partner program analytics
channel experts discuss recommendations

“How do I get partners to adopt my full product suite and grow sales?”

Change Behavior & Drive Action With Expert Recommendations

You can motivate your channel to increase sales, adopt new behaviors, remain loyal to your brand, shift to new products and solutions, and deliver superior customer experiences. It starts by laying cross-industry motivation and incentive expertise into a custom or existing program or incentive platform.

“How do I sustain partners’ attention without adding more responsibilities and time to my team?”

Capture Partner Attention With Engagement Strategies & Partner Marketing

Break through the noise with creative partner marketing focused on communicating clearly, frequently, and with relevance based on personas or audience segments. Plus, a combination of personalized touchpoints, partner events, program branding, engagement strategy mapping and execution support where you need it will supplement your lean channel team.

examples of channel partner marketing materials
personalized technology platform on laptop

“Siloed tech-stacks make for a challenging partner experience. Can we make it better?”

Improve Partner Experience With Personalized Technology

It’s one thing to have the right software. It’s another to know what to do with it. Keep (and grow!) partner mindshare and participation by improving the user experience through custom and personalized technology experiences that  integrate everything seamlessly into one portal and point bank (this means you can incent and report on anything you can measure!).

“How can I reach partners where they are, regardless of location?”

Reach & Reward the Right People With Global Support

Reaching global participants takes the right combination of in-language communications and website, culturally relevant engagement strategies, award fulfillment around the world, in-language customer service support, currency conversions and 24/7 customer service options. All while keeping your core program at the forefront.

global award fulfillment map